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Television and Movie Experiences.

This is where you can find out about all of the films and
television shows I have worked on.

I have stories and photos from
behind-the-scenes throughout the pages in my site
(the Gladiator stuff is on "the Gladiator icon).

Included are:
















Check out all the
details and storylines in my member's site!

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Acting and Film Resume:


Revamped                             Swat Team & Vampire                    Dir. Jeff Rector
Skin Deep                             w/John Ritter, Co-star, Lonnie         Dir. Blake Edwards
Brand X                                Lead, Superhero                              Dir. TJ Storm
Hot Shots, Part Deux             Cameo as Zap                                 Dir. Jim Abrahams
The Last Hour                       Guest Star, gangster                       w/Michael Pere
The Ode                                Waitress                                            Independent
Vendetta Brothers                  Lead/Martial Artist                           Never Released
Day Of The Warrior              Guest Star                                        Dir Andy Sadaris
Cyborg,the Recycler              Guest Star                                        Dir.Michael Shroeder
The Immortalizer                   Guest Star                                        Dir.Joel Bender
Penitentiary III                       Boxer                                               Dir.Jamaa Finaaka                                                                                             

AMERICAN GLADIATORS -     "ZAP"                                       6-year series regular
Manhunt                               Lead “Rayne”                                      UPN
JAG                                    Co-Star, Lt. Cassie Puller                       ABC
Baywatch                            Guest Star, Kym                                    ABC
Blossom                              Guest Star – “Zap”                                Witt Thomas Productions
Where Are They Now?      Host/Interviewer                                   Toronto Sports Network
Letters From A Killer         News Reporter                                       MOW/ Patrick Swayze
Beach House w/Jenny McCarthy            Co-Host  w/Jenny           MTV
The Muppets Tonight                              Guest Star “Zap”              Jim Henson Productions
Lifestyles of Rich & Famous                   Featured                            NBC
The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno               Guest Appearance          NBC
Picking Up Chicks w/ Harland Williams                       Internet Clip    

The Sagas of Reya                                  Viking Pilot Series & Bible    Producer, Director, Writer
Radiant Pro  A Women’s Strength Show, a "live Hollywood Production           Producer, Host 2006
Beverly Hills Playhouse West                    Acting Class/Workshop
Brian Reises' Acting Studio                        Cold Reading Workshop
Actor's  Circle Theater/Arthur Mendoza    Advanced Scene Study
Gail Ross                                       Voice
Howard Fine                                  Technique
Joanne Baron/DW Brown              Scene Study
Charles Conrad Studios                  Cold Reading Workshop
Otto Felix                                        Commercial Workshop

Stunts, Swords, Weapons, Kickboxing, Precision Driving, Weight Lifting
Cycles/Motorcycles, Water/Snow Skiing, Snowboarding, Volleyball, Softball, Baseball, and  Track and Field.  




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