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It has taken some time, but I finally finished the script, "Still Waters", which is a dark, female-driven action drama.

Here is a synopsis:
Canadian teens, Samantha Waters and high school sweetheart, Jean kill a molesting, incestuous step-father who works for a child-pornography ring run by kingpin, Francois.  Evidence is left for the police to deal with.  Francois gets prison, and the two flee from Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada to build a new life in the depths of the Louisiana bayou.

Twenty years later, her abusers are released from prison and head to the bayou for unfinished business and revenge.  Samantha won’t rest until she rescues other sex-slave victims from a bayou Riverboat brothel and dices Francois and his co-horts like crawdads in a gumbo pot.




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