*An Autobiography

My story is more about me as an individual rather than the projects
and career paths that I have chosen along the way, i.e.: bodybuilding, strength and fitness contests, the American Gladiator television showmovies, television, and the Playboy layout.

Those are areas that might interest you, and that is why Ihave those special pages for you to take a more detailed, informative, and "real" personallook into whatever tickles your fancy. 

I"ll start from the beginning. In a small-town hospital in Kingston, PA, April 17, 1964, Ramanda Ann Christina Hollitt was born - name to be shortened in grade school to Raye Ann Hollitt. I was named after my dad, Ray (hence why I ended up with a boy's name).

My parents were local musicians - mamma played bass - daddy played guitar. They divorced when I was ten and went their separate ways. I ended up rebelling against them by joining every sport that I possibly had the time for. The constant band rehearsals and noise (if you know what I mean) made me the athlete that I am.

My bodybuilding career emerged after mymom and stepfather convinced me thatcollege wasn't the route for me. Besides being able to get an athletic scholarship or a free ride with state assistance (if you know what I mean - we were living in a trailer at the time). I worked as a local bartender wearing one of those French maid uniforms with 6' heel (that's where I got the calves folks).

He was at the gym a lot! I insisted I tag along, and that he would train me. We were suppose to go into a couples competition. He hurt his back, and I entered it on my own.

I fell for one of the bouncers at the club who just couldn't find the time for me.

I won my first bodybuilding competition, the notorious Ms Anthracitein 1982 at 110 pounds (you figure it out). This show was big back in my hometown. This was the era when bodybuilding was just starting. I entered the Ms. Pennsylvania then decided to head to the mecca of bodybuilding, Venice, California.

"Take me to the mecca!", I told
the cab driver, and so he did. He
took me to a small hotel in Santa
Monica called the Kennsington
Hotel, which is now, by the way
 The Loews. I didn't sleep that
night. I went to get a cup of
coffee in the morning and ran
into Mike Christian, who lived
there, and David and Peter Paul, the "Barbarians".

I couldn't believe my eyes. I got my nerve up to wander into Gold's Gym to be starstruck by oldies but goodies, Rick Valenti, who became my first beau and took me under his wing. I met Samir Bannout, Reggi Bennett, Charles Glass, Kent Kean, and Tom Platz. The list goes on and on. Those were the days! That's when I knew I wouldn't be going back to PA anytime soon. Six roommates and I lived in a little house near the gym. I supported my bodybuilding "habit" by working in a law office and eventually becoming a paralegal for a well-known law firm in downtown LA. Throughout the years, I became popular with the journalists and made the cover of fourteen magazines. Now 28.
Some of the best times were when I competed in some strength shows, namely The Women's Extravaganza. I won that competition three times. The first major bodybuilding title I won was the 1988 Ms. Los Angeles! I did it! I had to go for the next big one. Ms. California was a big show, and I took it too lightly and came in 3rd? I did make it to the Nationals

Scene w/John Ritter in Skin Deep

My JAG uniform

The Last Hour w/Michael Pere
I never really had any desire or intention to become an actress. The manager of Gold's told me about a cattle call for a movie. They were looking for a muscular women bodybuilder that would look "normal" with clothes on. I went over to the studio to check it out, and ended up landing the role of "Lonnie" in Blake Edwards Skin Deep. Check out the page labeled MOVIES AND TELEVISION.

It only gets
better from there! I was called in to meet producers for the new, innovative show called the American Gladiators. I had no idea what it was going to be about. All I knew is that there were these strange games against contenders, and we would be on television for 13 episodes. The producers wanted me to fit the role of "ZAP". The role read like this: a blonde, very muscular, well-rounded athlete who strikes like lightening - gets in fast and causes a lot of damage. That was me! I was part of the six original Sunny, Lace, Nitro, Gemini and Malibu... What a crew! Who knew?

I would post some pics but the now owners MGM served us with Infringement of AG, Gladiators and Zap Trademarks.

After 35 years, we have to take down anything having to do with the show. I had to change all of my social media, take down pics with fans and friends. They took away three decades of memories and my life.

Aren't they big enough that they have to go after the Gladiators for living their lives. Most, if not all, of us were not out to make money. It was being an athlete, entertainer and an awesome alias.

They should do another Netflix documentary - part two to show how greed plays a part in this ridiculous entertainment industry.

I married Ted Prior, a male dancer who also did "Playgirl" and was an incredible actor.

Held Teddi up on tour at
Madison Square Garden
As you all know, I stayed on the show for 6 years minus the year Ice came to fill my position so that I could go and have my beautiful baby girl, Teddi Rae, who is now 30! We even went on a 100 city tour across the country starting in Maine and ending up in Los Angeles. That was a trip! All of these athletes night after night - city after city living on a tour bus. I'll let you in on more of that whole experience next quarter. You can also go to the AMERICAN GLADIATOR section for more details and information.
Over the years, the same question comes up. People have asked if the show was hard and if anyone ever got hurt. Damn right it was hard, but it was a lot of fun too... There were a lot of injuries that no one saw. Elbows, knees, wrists - you name it - we iced it. In 1995, I decided to leave the show to do the Playboy layout. I was called back to be a contender against Dallas their last year. Being a contender made me respect "all" of the competitors. You don't realize it, but they have to go back to back - event after event, where the Gladiators get to rotate and take a break. Then the contenders have to go straight to the eliminator at the end of a hard day and give another 100%. It just killed me. It was fun while it lasted though.

In 1999, Trashy Lingerie gave me a call and asked if I would be willing to work on an idea they had regarding their website. I was to pose for a layout of their lingerie. Check the SPECIAL PROJECTS section for six of the photographs and lingerie. 

Lastly, another project that took up a lot of my time the past year has been creating my own television series! The Voyages of Reya.The role is perfect for me as the show is set in Norway and Europe back in the Viking era. Reya is a tenacious Viking warrior. It couldn't be more perfect!