Monthly Archives: September 2015

Here it Comes

I realized that I have to write here daily, whether I have a clue what the content will be or not. I suppose I will just have to let it be organic.  I am really interested in what people want to know, ask or need advise on something or actually anything I may be experienced in.  There will be no format to my first-time blog.  I will be adding a photo here and there.    I just don’t know how to get this party started…


The Inception of a Blog

Well hello there everyone (or even if it is just you).  If you found the inception of this blog, then you probably know who I am.  If not, let me quickly introduce myself or google me.

My name is Raye Hollitt.  I am a former competitive bodybuilder, strength and fitness competitor, who became an actress/athlete.  I have a nice resume, but my claim to fame or so I think it is was becoming Zap on the original American Gladiator series.  

I am starting this blog, because I think/know many people have questions; whether it be about training, the entertainment industry,  personal or just plain stuff to write about and connect with everyone.  “And”, please be patient as this is a learning process for me.12sm

That said, I suppose this is my inception to Raye’s Way – the Blog.