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February 1st – An Inspiration!

The years are passing by so very fast.  We all have had loss in our lives: a friend, a relative, someone very special to us, but I have learned so much in the past couple months from a dear 89.9 year-old client/friend whom I have been training for over a quarter century.

Dr. Harold A. Rosen is the engineer who in 1959 proposed building the world’s first  geosynchronous  communication satellite.  DSC_0049We really can thank him the next time we tune in to more than the hundreds of television shows, courtesy of our satellite providers.  This photo was at my black and white half century birthday party two years ago.
Well, Dr. Rosen had a stroke in the gym two months ago. This man is incredible.  Harold is currently on the mend. His wife of 30 years, Deborah Castleman, an established engineer in her own right as well as veteran (who obviously knows her husband better than anyone else), insisted no ambulance, no hospital, no doctors/nurses, and no medication.  Blood thinners would have undoubtedly killed him.

I have known too many to count, including my father Ray Hollitt, who have had strokes that didn’t make the hospital stay.  They passed  There has to be something said for this soon-to-be  90-year old man to make a complete recovery without all of today’s technology or medications.

It is unbelievable. I have been going to their home in the Palisades and physically (yes weight training) getting him to where he is mobile and functioning again. It was even more impressive, as he is a lefty (eats/writes).  Watching this man work his ass off is incredibly inspiring. There are too many people out there who are constantly telling me how “old” they are – even at 30, 40 or my age 50 and just whine and do nothing about it.  Too many doctor visits, too many medications (self prescribed!), and not enough healthy lifestyles are the excuses I have to listen to.

So that said.  Take some advice! Stop mentioning how “old” you are when you have a conversation with someone.

Life is “very, very” short!

Enjoy every single day you are above ground my friends!