A Life Changing Move to Lake Tahoe

Yes, it’s been a long time since I posted, although this time I have a very good excuse.

Over a year ago, I decided that LA just wasn’t the same that it was when I was in my 30’s or even 40’s. I turned 50 two years ago, and realized I wanted to get back to my
country roots – trees, clean air, fresh water, the seasons, friendly people and simple living – Lake Tahoe it was!

I grew up in Pennsylvania on a lake, Harvey’s Lake. No complaints whatsoever (but why go back).  I followed my bodybuilding path.  In 1982 I landed in Los Angeles, Venice to become a part of the Mecca – Gold’s Gym. Perfect!  After 34 years…. time to go.


That said, the  plan was to leave Los Angeles in 2015.  Marina del Rey, Venice, Santa Monica up to my favorite Pacific Palisade’s gym and (now) 90 year old client, friend and family,  had become so stressful, so chaotic, transient, and so congested, dirty and much more touristy.  It just wasn’t what it used to be – AT ALL!!!

Family, work, and client matters kept me in Southern California for an extra 15 months.  I needed to take care of personal commitments but at the loss of my own happiness.

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It’s the middle of July.  The move was scary with a ton of trepidation.  Packing up “everything”, selling two cars, driving almost 800 miles – was actually deciding to start a new life.  I am telling you, like a few friends told me, “just do it (that wasn’t Nike for this one) and don’t look back”.
Crazy, but they were right!  It was a huge chance.

I’ve gone back to taking care of my self, my mind, my soul and my body – breathing, taking in clean air, the spectacular views and most of all “the people”.  Besides the tourists from all over the globe to visit this place, the locals are the most genuine, gracious, calm (sometimes a little too slow for my taste – but it slows me down) and loving people….


The fall will be here, then the winter.  Bring it on!  It was daunting, time consuming and expensive to have to drive hours in the car to spend the holidays on the local Big Bear Mountain.  I now live here in South Lake Tahoe.


Follow your heart and don’t be afraid.  Life is too short, and we only live once!

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  1. Yayyyyy. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see you happy. I can’t stop talking about it to all my clients and my friends. Woooo!! In so happy and proud that you just said screw it on such a big level and it’s paying off!! Love you!! And loving to see you happy

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