Unprecedented Times in 2020

     It has been a few years since my last post, and “a lot” has happened since.  First off, I am no longer a Hollitt.  I got married to Kenn Olson up here in Tahoe in 2017.  I guess I have been pretty busy to have let my blog cease to exist until now.  This year has been hard on everyone.  

     While working up at Heavenly in March of this year, we got the call that the mountain/resort would be closing down for the season due to the Covid pandemic. This hit Lake Tahoe hard for the residents; as we were literally sequestered in our homes – not being able to ski, snowboard, hike, bike, camp, or do any outdoor activity to keep ourselves active and physical for over two months.  

     If you are reading this, I am sure you know where I am going with it.  My wonderful and thoughtful husband realizes I needed to workout in order to get rid of the pent-up energy I store.  That said, he made our garage into a home gym.  He set up a heavy bag, big-screen tv, got me some weights, a jump rope and threw down a few yoga mats (and a few heaters – bbbrrr).  Perfect!  I usually meditate anyway, but this was a great opportunity to get back into my yoga practice.  I got into a routine of meditation, then yoga,  a HIIT routine and ending with boxing…  Wow, I never  got this great of a workout in years.  It was always the same old workout routine in the gym; treadmill and weights.  So I hope all of you reading this will take the positive out of this pandemic.   The weather finally allows us to get outside.  We golf.  We hike.  We bike.  We curl (indoors on ice).  And the gyms finally opened; which I don’t even need anymore but do enjoy a little incentive and motivation from others.  Stay safe and be well my friends.



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