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Unprecedented Times in 2020

     It has been a few years since my last post, and “a lot” has happened since.  First off, I am no longer a Hollitt.  I got married to Kenn Olson up here in Tahoe in 2017.  I guess I have been pretty busy to have let my blog cease to exist until now.  This year has been hard on everyone.  

     While working up at Heavenly in March of this year, we got the call that the mountain/resort would be closing down for the season due to the Covid pandemic. This hit Lake Tahoe hard for the residents; as we were literally sequestered in our homes – not being able to ski, snowboard, hike, bike, camp, or do any outdoor activity to keep ourselves active and physical for over two months.  

     If you are reading this, I am sure you know where I am going with it.  My wonderful and thoughtful husband realizes I needed to workout in order to get rid of the pent-up energy I store.  That said, he made our garage into a home gym.  He set up a heavy bag, big-screen tv, got me some weights, a jump rope and threw down a few yoga mats (and a few heaters – bbbrrr).  Perfect!  I usually meditate anyway, but this was a great opportunity to get back into my yoga practice.  I got into a routine of meditation, then yoga,  a HIIT routine and ending with boxing…  Wow, I never  got this great of a workout in years.  It was always the same old workout routine in the gym; treadmill and weights.  So I hope all of you reading this will take the positive out of this pandemic.   The weather finally allows us to get outside.  We golf.  We hike.  We bike.  We curl (indoors on ice).  And the gyms finally opened; which I don’t even need anymore but do enjoy a little incentive and motivation from others.  Stay safe and be well my friends.



A Life Changing Move to Lake Tahoe

Yes, it’s been a long time since I posted, although this time I have a very good excuse.

Over a year ago, I decided that LA just wasn’t the same that it was when I was in my 30’s or even 40’s. I turned 50 two years ago, and realized I wanted to get back to my
country roots – trees, clean air, fresh water, the seasons, friendly people and simple living – Lake Tahoe it was!

I grew up in Pennsylvania on a lake, Harvey’s Lake. No complaints whatsoever (but why go back).  I followed my bodybuilding path.  In 1982 I landed in Los Angeles, Venice to become a part of the Mecca – Gold’s Gym. Perfect!  After 34 years…. time to go.


That said, the  plan was to leave Los Angeles in 2015.  Marina del Rey, Venice, Santa Monica up to my favorite Pacific Palisade’s gym and (now) 90 year old client, friend and family,  had become so stressful, so chaotic, transient, and so congested, dirty and much more touristy.  It just wasn’t what it used to be – AT ALL!!!

Family, work, and client matters kept me in Southern California for an extra 15 months.  I needed to take care of personal commitments but at the loss of my own happiness.

0715161221c 0715161214a

It’s the middle of July.  The move was scary with a ton of trepidation.  Packing up “everything”, selling two cars, driving almost 800 miles – was actually deciding to start a new life.  I am telling you, like a few friends told me, “just do it (that wasn’t Nike for this one) and don’t look back”.
Crazy, but they were right!  It was a huge chance.

I’ve gone back to taking care of my self, my mind, my soul and my body – breathing, taking in clean air, the spectacular views and most of all “the people”.  Besides the tourists from all over the globe to visit this place, the locals are the most genuine, gracious, calm (sometimes a little too slow for my taste – but it slows me down) and loving people….


The fall will be here, then the winter.  Bring it on!  It was daunting, time consuming and expensive to have to drive hours in the car to spend the holidays on the local Big Bear Mountain.  I now live here in South Lake Tahoe.


Follow your heart and don’t be afraid.  Life is too short, and we only live once!

Exercise Your Mind

I, for one, practice staying healthy and in shape all year long (physically).   I believe in balance:  mind, body and soul.  That said, since the body is already taken care of year-round, it is time to train the brain – year round.

I have recently been introduced to a most amazing way to exercise the brain, while learning and expanding my knowledge.

It’s a word puzzle that usually takes the form of a square or rectangular grid of black and white numbered boxes called (go figure), “a crossword puzzle“. Not only are they fun and challenging to do, but they work your ability to recall and to think outside of the box (literally). At first it was daunting.  I found myself scratching my head and doubting my IQ.  After a few weeks “and” some helpful hints from my super-smart friends, I was off and running (writing – lettering).  I’m hooked!!!

The New York Times’ system works well because starting with Monday’s puzzle which is the easiest, it gradually grows in difficulty to Saturday’s which is most difficult where you start to get familiar with CP’s favorites (fillers), grammar details and tenses,, not to mention the question marks which will really make you think outside the box.  A huge help is to watch for plurals, abbreviations and acronyms.  I am telling you.  If you are looking for mental stimulation and a challenge, try this!

AND let’s not forget about Sunday’s puzzle, which is the same degree of difficulty as Thursday but is much longer (twice in fact).


Raye’s First Shot X-Word

Check out my first shot at creating a x-word puzzle  —

There is always a theme that links the clues together.  I’m working on creating and putting together a puzzle that  relates to me.  Give it a shot and shoot me your answers!


  • 1.  Toughest Female Gladiator or genre of music
  • 5.  Tallest male gladiator
  • 10.  Another word for sad or accompanies 25 & 26 across (singular)
  • 17.  Place where 1st Gladiator taping took place
  • 25.  Accompanies 26 & 10 across
  • 39.  First athletic reality show in 89′ – 96′
  • 34.  Raye’s favorite two-wheel ride
  • 26.  1/3 color of the American Flag
  • 41.  Used for all of the Gladiator games and movies (singular)
  • 45.  Daughter’s first name
  • 47.  Most hair color of women gladiators
  • 55.  Mattel made a …. 6″ doll
  • 61.  Second word for movie starring John RItter
  • 62.  The airline glads would most likely use in the 90’s
  • 63.  First word for movie starring John Ritter


  • 1.  Two Q-tip like sticks
  • 5.  Charged gladiator male
  • 7.  Latest female sport sans an M
  • 11.  The gladiator women were definitely not these (singular)
  • 13.  If I didn’t get the Acura NSX, my second choice would have been….
  • 24.  What I signed as autographing  “…… zapped”!
  • 31.  Raye’s open air summer ride
  • 32.  Safety first
  • 34.  When a gladiator doesn’t show up for work
  • 41.  Only these bodybuilders make money
  • 46.  Some of the Gladiators did this
  • 48.  Popular sporting goods store where we shop “………”
  • 50.  Favorite preppy 80’s clothing shirt
  • 52.  Weapon used for Viking Sagas
  • 53.  Whenever asked if I would cover a game for somebody, I would say “I’m…….”!
  • 56.  Used at the beach or as a competitive bodybuilder
  • 57.  Tour bus used to get us from stadium to studium

February 1st – An Inspiration!

The years are passing by so very fast.  We all have had loss in our lives: a friend, a relative, someone very special to us, but I have learned so much in the past couple months from a dear 89.9 year-old client/friend whom I have been training for over a quarter century.

Dr. Harold A. Rosen is the engineer who in 1959 proposed building the world’s first  geosynchronous  communication satellite.  DSC_0049We really can thank him the next time we tune in to more than the hundreds of television shows, courtesy of our satellite providers.  This photo was at my black and white half century birthday party two years ago.
Well, Dr. Rosen had a stroke in the gym two months ago. This man is incredible.  Harold is currently on the mend. His wife of 30 years, Deborah Castleman, an established engineer in her own right as well as veteran (who obviously knows her husband better than anyone else), insisted no ambulance, no hospital, no doctors/nurses, and no medication.  Blood thinners would have undoubtedly killed him.

I have known too many to count, including my father Ray Hollitt, who have had strokes that didn’t make the hospital stay.  They passed  There has to be something said for this soon-to-be  90-year old man to make a complete recovery without all of today’s technology or medications.

It is unbelievable. I have been going to their home in the Palisades and physically (yes weight training) getting him to where he is mobile and functioning again. It was even more impressive, as he is a lefty (eats/writes).  Watching this man work his ass off is incredibly inspiring. There are too many people out there who are constantly telling me how “old” they are – even at 30, 40 or my age 50 and just whine and do nothing about it.  Too many doctor visits, too many medications (self prescribed!), and not enough healthy lifestyles are the excuses I have to listen to.

So that said.  Take some advice! Stop mentioning how “old” you are when you have a conversation with someone.

Life is “very, very” short!

Enjoy every single day you are above ground my friends!

Still Waters to Look For

I believe I will get a hang of this after a few posts and responses.

I will tell you that since the New Year, I decided to take a screenplay call “Still Waters” that was written by me and partner James Gavsie (Max Impact).   I was told (and quite frankly by those that never had produced anything themselves) that it would be very hard to get made because of the content.  I was told that about several of my other projects that took time, money and every ounce of my body – literally; but I realized that I actually did accomplish every single one of those challenges.


I have since swept off the cobwebs, wrote a short to attract interest financially  and am moving forward.  I will keep you abreast and ask for any help if and when needed.

This is a passion project that  is dear to my heart.  The screenplay and short have been written.  I will be campaigning Still Waters  on KickStarter or GoFundMe for monies to at least get the short in the can.


January 13th – 2016

_MG_7583 copy

 To start, I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year for 2016! AND, I will tell you that I don’t make resolutions for the New Year, I start my resolutions after Thanksgiving to give myself a jump-start into the new year; where there will be no chance of failure. It has worked so far. I feel like I am ahead of the game. It works! Try it this November or December. You’ll feel great going into any New Year!

Here it Comes

I realized that I have to write here daily, whether I have a clue what the content will be or not. I suppose I will just have to let it be organic.  I am really interested in what people want to know, ask or need advise on something or actually anything I may be experienced in.  There will be no format to my first-time blog.  I will be adding a photo here and there.    I just don’t know how to get this party started…


The Inception of a Blog

Well hello there everyone (or even if it is just you).  If you found the inception of this blog, then you probably know who I am.  If not, let me quickly introduce myself or google me.

My name is Raye Hollitt.  I am a former competitive bodybuilder, strength and fitness competitor, who became an actress/athlete.  I have a nice resume, but my claim to fame or so I think it is was becoming Zap on the original American Gladiator series.  

I am starting this blog, because I think/know many people have questions; whether it be about training, the entertainment industry,  personal or just plain stuff to write about and connect with everyone.  “And”, please be patient as this is a learning process for me.12sm

That said, I suppose this is my inception to Raye’s Way – the Blog.