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1. The true story from the beginning until present day.
2. new --Let's elaborate, 3. button - Playtime
4. button - Viking Sagas 5. button Friends
5. Still Waters being written and filmed in 2010
6. Where am I now and what have I done.

1. The start of my bodybuilding career.
2. More on bodybuilding w/photos & story
button - Yoga, button - Ball Routine, button - Fitness
a) Biceps, button - Training
b) Extracuricular Activities (outside the gym),
3. Bill Dobbins Photo Shoot
button - Recipes: a) protein shakes, b) my summer fish recipe
c) a
dessert by a special guest, button - Cover shots
4. The 2009 California Figure Comp pictures

1. From the audition w/photos and story
2. Just more gossip & pics, 3.Dallas gets married,
4. Other Gladiator Sites, 5. Frequesntly Asked Questions

1. My initiation into acting from a legal career.
a) Headshots and photos
2. More headshots and photos,
a) Skin Deep w/photos, b) JAG w/photos,
c) Muscular Development Article, d) Reya Info
3. Manhunt info and photos

1. Playboy Issue and Facts
2. George Kontaxis Sand Dunes,
Desert and Waterfall Photo Shoots
3. Scott Styles Photo Shoot
4. E. Niles Clark Photo Shoot,
5. Trashy Lingerie Photo Shoot

6. McCoy Pool Photo Shoot

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