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Exercise Your Mind

I, for one, practice staying healthy and in shape all year long (physically).   I believe in balance:  mind, body and soul.  That said, since the body is already taken care of year-round, it is time to train the brain – year round.

I have recently been introduced to a most amazing way to exercise the brain, while learning and expanding my knowledge.

It’s a word puzzle that usually takes the form of a square or rectangular grid of black and white numbered boxes called (go figure), “a crossword puzzle“. Not only are they fun and challenging to do, but they work your ability to recall and to think outside of the box (literally). At first it was daunting.  I found myself scratching my head and doubting my IQ.  After a few weeks “and” some helpful hints from my super-smart friends, I was off and running (writing – lettering).  I’m hooked!!!

The New York Times’ system works well because starting with Monday’s puzzle which is the easiest, it gradually grows in difficulty to Saturday’s which is most difficult where you start to get familiar with CP’s favorites (fillers), grammar details and tenses,, not to mention the question marks which will really make you think outside the box.  A huge help is to watch for plurals, abbreviations and acronyms.  I am telling you.  If you are looking for mental stimulation and a challenge, try this!

AND let’s not forget about Sunday’s puzzle, which is the same degree of difficulty as Thursday but is much longer (twice in fact).


Raye’s First Shot X-Word

Check out my first shot at creating a x-word puzzle  —

There is always a theme that links the clues together.  I’m working on creating and putting together a puzzle that  relates to me.  Give it a shot and shoot me your answers!


  • 1.  Toughest Female Gladiator or genre of music
  • 5.  Tallest male gladiator
  • 10.  Another word for sad or accompanies 25 & 26 across (singular)
  • 17.  Place where 1st Gladiator taping took place
  • 25.  Accompanies 26 & 10 across
  • 39.  First athletic reality show in 89′ – 96′
  • 34.  Raye’s favorite two-wheel ride
  • 26.  1/3 color of the American Flag
  • 41.  Used for all of the Gladiator games and movies (singular)
  • 45.  Daughter’s first name
  • 47.  Most hair color of women gladiators
  • 55.  Mattel made a …. 6″ doll
  • 61.  Second word for movie starring John RItter
  • 62.  The airline glads would most likely use in the 90’s
  • 63.  First word for movie starring John Ritter


  • 1.  Two Q-tip like sticks
  • 5.  Charged gladiator male
  • 7.  Latest female sport sans an M
  • 11.  The gladiator women were definitely not these (singular)
  • 13.  If I didn’t get the Acura NSX, my second choice would have been….
  • 24.  What I signed as autographing  “…… zapped”!
  • 31.  Raye’s open air summer ride
  • 32.  Safety first
  • 34.  When a gladiator doesn’t show up for work
  • 41.  Only these bodybuilders make money
  • 46.  Some of the Gladiators did this
  • 48.  Popular sporting goods store where we shop “………”
  • 50.  Favorite preppy 80’s clothing shirt
  • 52.  Weapon used for Viking Sagas
  • 53.  Whenever asked if I would cover a game for somebody, I would say “I’m…….”!
  • 56.  Used at the beach or as a competitive bodybuilder
  • 57.  Tour bus used to get us from stadium to studium